Last update 02 December 2015

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

As the PPROC ontology is mainly focused to publish data about public contracts, collecting the websites where we can obtain this information from may be usefull. To do so, this webpage presents the actual contracting authorities that are semantically labeling its buyers profile.

We include the list of the classes and properties that are used to label each buyer profile. We believe the set of classes and properties included in this document can be considered as a "dynamic core" of the PPROC ontology, as it presents a view of the real data published by public authorities.

1.1. Namespace declarations

Table 1: Namespaces used in the document

2. Entity usage

The set of classes and properties used in each buyer profile are included in the next table. The first column includes a subset of the properties and classes belonging to PPROC. Each one of the next columns indicates a separate contracting authority using PPROC ontology; we mark each cell with and X if the class/property is being used in its respective dataset.

PCH SPARQL maintenance stops

Provincial Council of Huesca has stopped the maintenance of its SPARQL endpoints. While may still be possible to access its contracts, probably they won't be updated..

Table 2: Usage of classes and properties
Property or Class Zaragoza Town Hall Provincial Council of Huesca PCSP extracted contracts?
pproc:Contract (and subclasses) X X X
dcterms:title X X X
dcterms:identifier X X
pproc:managingDepartment X
pproc:contractingAuthority X X X
pproc:contractingBody X
pproc:legalDocumentReference X X
pproc:additionalDocumentReference X X
dcterms:description X X
pproc:frameworkAgreementDerivativeContract X
pproc:contractProcedureSpecifications X X X
pproc:urgencyType X X
pproc:procedureType X X X
pproc:assumptionProtectingProcedureType X
pproc:notice X X
pproc:noticeDate X X
pproc:noticeSite X X
pproc:noticeWeb X X
pproc:noticeSentDate X
pproc:contractAdditionalObligations X X
pproc:provisionalFinancialGuarantee X X
pproc:finalFinancialGuaranteeDuration X X
pproc:otherGuarantee X X
pproc:advertisementAmount X X
pproc:tenderDossierStartDate X
pproc:tenderDeadline X X X
pproc:contractingBodyAgreement X X
dcterms:description X X
pproc:tenderInformationProvider X X
pproc:websiteWithInformation X
s:location X X
pproc:tenderSubmissionLocation X
pproc:contractActivities X X
pproc:tenderMeeting X X
s:startDate X
pproc:tenderPurpose X X
pproc:contractObject X X X
pproc:mainObject X X
pproc:provision X X
dcterms:title X X
pproc:contractEconomicConditions X X X
pproc:budgetPrice X X X
pproc:priceReviewAllowable X
pproc:contractTemporalConditions X X
pproc:estimatedDuration X X
pproc:tenderRequirements X X
pproc:tenderSubmissionSupportedLanguage X
pproc:tenderersRequirements X X
pproc:requiredClassification X
pproc:requiredEconomicAndFinancialStanding X
pproc:requiredTechnicalAndProfessionalAbility X
pc:awardCriteriaCombination X X
pproc:tender X X X
pproc:supplier X X
pproc:offeredDuration X
pproc:awardDate X X
pproc:formalizedDate X X
pproc:offeredPrice X X X

Counting the number of properties and classes used in each case we can calculate the percentage of PPROC used. In the case of the Zaragoza Town Hall, we have aproximately 22% of the classes and properties of PPROC being used. As for the Provincial Council of Huesca, we have about 14%.

PCSP extracted contracts

This column refers to a SPARQL endpoint containing data extracted from the Public Sector Contracting Platform of spanish government.

3. SPARQL endpoints

The data can be accessed through SPARQL endpoints:
SPARQL endpoints

Some given SPARQL endpoints with the RDF triples using PPROC may be actually under development, thus could contain incomplete data.

4. Acknowledgements

The develop of the PPROC ontology has been funded by the spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through the project “Optimización de la contratación pública mediante la utilización de técnicas semánticas (CONTSEM)”. TSI-020606-2012-4.


We want to thank to public procurement experts of the public authorities participating in the CONTSEM project: Ana Budría Escudero, Azucena Ayala Andrés (Zaragoza Town Hall), Eva Sanz Ayala, Juan Ramón Cardiel Ibarzo (Government of Aragón) y Montserrat Diez Sánchez (Provincial Council of Huesca); as well as its technical responsibles: María Jesús Fernández Ruiz, Laura Fernando López, Victor Morlan Plo (Zaragoza Town Hall), José Maria Subero Munilla, Ricardo Cantabrana González (Government of Aragón) and Cristina de la Hera Pascual (Provincial Council of Huesca).

Of course, we would also like to thanks Daniel García Latorre and Elena Lafuente Lapena (iASoft-OESIA) for its continuous efforts for the realization of this ontology and its use.